Ryan DesJardins

I grew up in rural eastern Washington and bought my first interchangeable lens camera when I was 13 after a summer of making money working on a farm.  Today, I live in rural Oregon, south of Portland, with my wife and daughter.

My goal as a photographer is to record and share the things that make our world so incredible.  I hope these images influence you to take action to preserve and protect our natural spaces and wildlife. 


All photographs are edited to correct for light/dark areas, color cast, hue/saturation, and other basic "darkroom" techniques that photographers have been using since the art form was invented.  I also creatively edit some photographs to add more drama or to draw focus or attention to specific parts of the photograph.


I designate photos that have been significantly altered as "Digital Art."  Examples would be combining one or more photographs to create a new scene, replacing a bland sky with a more dramatic one, significant artistic changes to make the photograph appear as a drawing or painting, etc.


We share this planet with many fascinating creatures and plants.  I hope my photographs might influence you to learn more and join myself and others in supporting organizations that are active in protecting our earth.

If you are interested in purchasing one of my prints, please use the contact form below and I can provide you with information.

I use the Fuji X system of cameras and lenses.

-Ryan DesJardins


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