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Ryan DesJardins

Thank you for visiting my showcase of images. 

I add and rotate images frequently, so please visit again.

I live in Oregon where I photograph the diverse landscapes and natural scenes of the Pacific Northwest and other places that I may travel.  I have a special place in my heart for rural bucolic scenes, I suspect because of my upbringing on a farm in Eastern Washington. 

I also love photographing birds, not so much because I think people want to buy prints of birds - they don't - but because my wife and I discovered birding a couple of years ago, and I got hooked.  Although I don't have photos of every bird I've seen, I'll keep adding more as I find them.  I guess the gallery is for me and my wife more than anything else.  We want to see birds survive and thrive, as well as the rest of our natural ecosystems.

All of my photographs can be purchased in their respective galleries in my portfolio.  I don't do this for a living.  It's a passion, and photographing our world often brings me great joy.  I hope that some of the joy and wonder I experience comes through in the photos you see in my galleries.  If you are also inspired to purchase a print, thank you!  If not, thank you for visiting, anyway! 

Please share my website with a friend or family member.

Also, please consider making a donation to organizations such as the Nature Conservancy,  the Defenders of Wildlife, the World Wildlife Fund, The Wildlife Conservation Society, the African Wildlife Foundation, Oceana, or The Environmental Defense Fund.

You can find me on a variety of social media and photographic websites:

Twitter @radesjardins

Instagram @r.a.desjardins

VERO @radesjardins

Flickr @rad_photo

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