Ryan DesJardins - Photographer

Ryan’s mission with his photography is to document and record places of iconic beauty and the wildlife that are so important to our diverse planet.  The planet is changing, and year to year some our most cherished locations are becoming damaged, neglected or even disappearing along with endangered wildlife.  Ryan’s photographic intent is to give the viewer a sense of appreciation for our natural world and hopefully influence positive behavior to protect our natural resources and locations.

Originally born and raised on a farm outside of Pomeroy, Washington in the Palouse Region of southeast Washington State, Ryan bought his first advanced camera when he was 13 years old.  From those beginnings Ryan began to cultivate his photographic perspective.

After high school and four years serving in the United States Marine Corps, Ryan went to school at Washington State University where he graduated in 1995.  Over the past 15 years Ryan has explored many areas of the Pacific Northwest and other areas of the US and Canada looking for photographs that represent his vision.

Most recently, Ryan has started creating original digital paintings from photographs and drawings to create truly unique pieces of art printed on canvas.

Photographic Viewpoint

My images portray not only what I saw the moment when I took the picture, but also what I felt.  I use digital darkroom techniques to create images that may not be "exactly" what would have been viewed by the naked eye.  Sometimes, I'm asked if my photos are "Photoshoped" to which I will proudly say, "Yes, every one of my images have been "Photoshoped" and "Lightroomed" and manipulated.  I welcome you to read my article on the subject of "digital manipulation."

Ryan lives in Tualatin, Oregon, a suburb of Portland, with his wife, daughter and several dogs and cats.