"Ryan's Mat & Frame actions are wonderful.  I've seen nothing else that even comes close.  Give 'em a try."
-Greg Vaughn, author

Photographing Oregon (Phototripsusa)


Mat & Frame Actions

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The RAD Mat & Frame Actions provide you the ability and flexibility to create beautiful mat and frames using an automated process. With purchase, you receive three complete action sets (with several actions in each set) which each produce the same great looking mat and frames, but allow you some flexibility in their creation.


These actions work with Photoshop CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, and CC.


Purchase the entire set of Ryan’s Mat & Frame Actions (over 30 different frame actions) for only $19.99


The actions are intended to be used with images that are for web display and not for creating a mat for physical prints.  That being said, the actions can be and have been tweaked by photographers who use the actions to create the look of a mat surrounding their print.  Eventually, I plan to create a new set for higher resolution images, but the actions here can be used for that purpose with fairly simple modification.

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